Does the neoclassical economic theory explain the surge of migration of Trinidad West Indians immigrants to the United States from 1960-1999? Compare the migration of Trinidadians to the migration of another island during that time using the neoclassical


The final paper should be about minimum 10-15 pages doubled spaced or 3750-5625 words.

Before you submit a draft for your partner, there are a few suggestions I have.

1. Right a clever and useful introduction. See my introductions and conclusions section for help with this (BELOW). Summarize your paper and let your audience what they are in for. Include a polished/updated research question.

2. Go back to the empirical section. Add summaries of any other sources that helped you understand your research question.

3. Review your analysis! Make sure it fits in with the rest of the paper. Flow is important.

4. Create a conclusion. Having finished your research make sure your conclusion conveys the most important points of the paper. See my introductions and conclusions section for help with this.

5. Make sure your references are in order. Place them in the tab called \’References.\’

6. Proofread the whole thing again!

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