Does “trickle-down economics” really work

1. What does “progressive taxation” mean? What is your opinion about the role of government regarding taxation? Should we worry about taxes that have a regressive effect on the taxpayer? 2. As a society, should we worry about the distribution or income or simply allow market forces to make that determination. What do you think would happen if there was no attempt to influence the distribution of income and wealth…would the distribution: stay the same…become less concentrated…become more concentrated in the hands of fewer people? 3. We hear many politicians suggesting that lowering taxes will always increase economic growth, create more jobs and ultimately mean more tax revenue. Is this true? 4. Does “trickle-down economics” really work? If we allow those at the top of the income ladder to make more and more, does that trickle down to those at lower income levels and increase the number of jobs? 5. Regarding the current debate on tax brackets, should those above $250,000 per year receive a permanent reduction in taxes as is being considered for lower income individuals? 6. In your opinion, have the changes in income distribution contributed to the unemployment/recession problem? 7. What changes would you like to see in our tax law? Support your answer. 8. What is your opinion about the distribution of wealth—which is much more disparate than income. Should we be concerned that so few have an investment in the system? 9. What is government’s role in the overall distribution of income and wealth?

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