Economic Analysis Paper

In this 3 page paper, your mission is to explain one or more economic principles (see list in Chapter 1) in a short newspaper, magazine or journal article. Use The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Business Week, The New York Times, or similarly credible publication. Your article must be recent–after January 2015. Do not use advertisements, editorials, blogs, wiki’s, or ask about style Websites as your source article. This must be a newspaper, magazine, or journal article. Online newspapers and magazine are acceptable.

This is NOT a research paper. You are simply demonstrating, in writing, that you can recognize economic principles in the real world, synthesize the concept, and apply it. Do NOT just summarize the article. Tell how the story/article demonstrates an economic principle. Examples: How does the article illustrate tradeoffs? Incentives? Inflation/unemployment tradeoff? If you discuss a subtopic, such as efficiency vs equality, you must explain how it is related to the principle "People Face Tradeoffs."

The article can be about any topic. You are expected to tie together the real world and some economic principle(s) for this paper.

Do NOT use the word “I.” Write this as you would a business presentation/paper. Think about how a newspaper article is written or your textbook is written–they rarely use the words “I’, “me”, “my”, or “we.” Write in the third person. Do Not use contractions or slang.

Your paper should be two to three typed, double-spaced pages–three pages maximum. Margins cannot be greater than one-inch wide. Use 10 or 12 font size, nothing bigger, and nothing smaller. Use Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier, nothing fancy, such as script. It is just too difficult to read. You may use a graph, but it is not required. Caution–if you use a graph, be sure to fully label it. Save your essay, works cited and article in a word document so that you can upload the file into this Canvas assignment page. You may submit the paper for review by the Stone Writing Center; you may use the online tutor or go there in person. Contact information of Stone Writing Center is provided in the course syllabus.

You MUST have at least five paragraphs that follow standard English-class conventions for a paper.

INTRODUCTION paragraph with a thesis sentence
–Three main points (at least)


Main Point-1 Paragraph
–The first of your main points in 1, above.

–Three–five sentences.

3. Main Point-2 Paragraph

–The second of your main points in 1, above

–Three–five sentences

4. Main Point-3 Paragraph

–The third of your main points in 1, above

–Three–five sentences

5. Closing Paragraph

–Two–five sentences that provide a summary and include the economic principle and a brief discussion of the supporting details

Do NOT put anything new here–if you do, it is not a summary!

Make sure to check rubric before submitting. It explains exactly how your paper will be scored. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. You have been taught in high school and college English composition classes, how to avoid plagiarism so be sure to avoid it. This assignment is worth 100 points. It is worth this many points for two reasons. First, it is a synthesis skill. You must understand a concept, synthesize it, and apply it. That skill takes work and thinking. The other reason that it has a high point value is that writing is a critical business skill.

You may turn your paper in ANY time before the due date. I suggest presenting the article and your outline of the three points to me for early approval.

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