The purpose of this assignment is to influence the health of individuals, families, aggregates and communities by designing a power point presentation as a teaching tool specific to the environmental health needs of a specific population/community. Emphasis is placed on the importance of generating an environmental health promotion tool. ** The community to be addressed is : current asthma prevalence was higher among male children aged 5 to 14 years (12.4%). ** PLEASE MUST INCLUDE SPECIFICALLY – 1) Identify an aggregate/community and focus on readiness to learn, developmental capability, culture, reading level, age, gender, health status, and any other important characteristics relevant for this aggregate/community. 2) Identify an Environmental Health Promotion topic pertinent to this aggregate/community. Search the internet for information about the selected topic. AND ALSO 3) A POWER POINT PRESENTATION THAT INCLUDES the Use of graphics, design, sound, and interactive features to enhance the effectiveness of the power point presentation. 4) The presentation must be at least 12 and not more than 15 slides. 5) Identify your names and credentials as well as the title of your tool on the first slide. { THE PRESENTATION MUST INCLUDE the power point slides, plus a 4 to 5 page paper about the aggregate’s characteristics as described in #1 above. } ** PLEASE FOLLOW THE “ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PROJECT – GRADING GUIDELINES” AND “ENVIRONMENTAL HELATH PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS” FILES THAT I HAVE UPLOADED; AS THIS PROFESSOR IS VERY, VERY STRICT IN REGARDES TO REQUIRED DATA, ALL DATA THAT SHE REQUESTS IN THE INSTRUCTIONS AND GUIDING GUIDELINES MUST BE INCLUDED, EVERY INTRICATE DETAIL, OR ELSE SHE DEDUCTS POINTS OFF YOUR GRADE. I have also Uploaded 2 more files for reference, as they are helpful and include a power point on asthma, from the CDC, for reference/guidance. ** Once again, the target population is Adolescent Males (ages 5 to 14) with Asthma and a teaching tool that INCORPORTES ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS that cause/affect Asthma. This is the “who” aspect, now the “where, when, readiness to learn, developmental capability, culture, language, reading-level, age, gender, health status, and any other important characteristics relevant for this aggregate/community” has to be addressed, along with an “eye-catching, creative and audience-capturing” power point teaching tool applicable for this population of 5-14 year old males diagnosed with Asthma.

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