The Michael Jordan BrandThe final research paper will involve a business topic based on the article Review and annotated refference assignents that a student has completed.
The instruction for the report you will find it in (Ethernet Simulation _Riverbed Modeler feb2016 v0.1.docx) i done all the simulation and all the graphs you will find it in files (LAB 1 Question Answer and LAB 2 Question Answer) which is you need them to answer all the question for both labs
there is two files ( LAB 1 Ethernet HUB and Question and LAB 2 Ethernet Switch and Question)
you have to just read them to under stand every thing and answer the question in each lab file then write the report
Added on 13.04.2016 17:36
About the references provide me with web link please
And please i need the work by Friday afternoon GMT Time
Instruction files

ethernet_simulation_riverbed_modeler_feb2016_v_0.1.docx(20,36 KiB)

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