evaluate investing in natural gas transportation.


You are being asked by your boss to evaluate investing in natural gas transportation. Starting with the Integrative Cases at the end of each section of the text you will submit three papers .  Each paper must be submitted in hardcopy (double spaced) and use the following format:

a. Your boss wants you to be concise. No more than Three (3) pages.

b. Put your name and case number at the top of each page

c. Back up your analysis with solid sources

c. Add end notes for any sources used


1.Case 1. Use the first two cases (pages 66 and 204). Both these cases were written in 2010-2012. Both predict great advances in natural gas powered cars (Page 66) and trucks (Page 204).  Research what is actually happening in 2015. Then compare your 2015 research with the stated or implied predictions made in the Integrated Cases. Have the predictions been realized? Would you recommend investing in natural gas cars or trucks.  What environmental (economic, social, political) issues  have impacted (positive or negative) the natural gas vehicle.  Keep your focus on cars and trucks, we will address  infrastructure and fracking issues in the next two papers

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