Explain in very depth for each question, each answer has to be at least 2 pages of details.

A few points to help with guidelines:
– Please Explain in very depth for each question, each answer has to be at least 2 pages of details.
– No need for tables or number to explain anything, just typed answers.
– Please do not use professional wording, use what an international student would use with simple wording.
– Questions are very general and broad, use examples to explain the answers, even if the example was fiction, just to show that i understand, or a real example is fine too.
– If you do not understand a question, try to rewrite it so you can understand to explain the answers.
– Use anything to develop answers, Internet, books, etc.
– Question 2: a service is a place to sleep for example, an experience is what if it was bad or good.
– Question 3: Use the attached form to answer it, Use the first 6 points and give an example for each ( i marked the points i need on the paper ) ( Tangibles, Reliability, Responsiveness, Competence, Courtesy, Credibility) anything after that don’t worry about.
– Question 9: The interaction between staff and customers, another way of the question is Moments of truth.

Again, please please please, explain as much as possible in very depth and so much details but also putting the right answer and explain and show that i understand everything clearly.

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