Explain why the company should follow your pricing strategy

Communicate to market segment of Coca – Cola the key benefits that make the company distinct from the competitors. In addition, you need to announce the improvements in the delivery of the services by the company. While the company has a limited communications budget, the chief marketing officer (CMO) wants to allocate the money in the most effective way.

Write an IMC strategy that includes the following:

  • An advertisement featuring the new (improved) services and containing the following elements:
    • A headline
    • A sub headline
    • A brand positioning statement
    • An artwork
    • A layout
  • A brief paragraph identifying and supporting both traditional and nontraditional channels to carry the advertisement.

In addition, propose a pricing objective and a pricing strategy for the company based on the information gathered from the following:

  • The case study
  • The understanding of the competition
  • The likely attitude of the current customers

Explain why the company should follow your pricing strategy. Justify your pricing strategy using appropriate examples and reasoning.

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