Explain why you feel the topic may be interesting to others.

Purpose ​Written proposals for research projects help writers “get started” by ​deciding and focusing on a chosen topic, narrowing that focus by coming up ​with a specific research question (or questions, in some cases), and ​determining the types of sources the writer will need to consult. A proposal ​also provides the opportunity to receive feedback and guidance on the ​practicability of the writing project. Audience ​Professor/instructor and, in this case, members of the class. Length ​Two to three pages, or 600 to 900 words. Format ​MLA: typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font; and one-inch margins. Content and Organization o Introduction ▪ Introduce topic by providing general background information on the topic and a research question, or working thesis. o Body Paragraphs ▪ Explain why you are interested in topic. ▪ Explain why you feel the topic may be interesting to others. ▪ Discuss the sources you will need to consult o Conclusion ▪ Sum up your case for your chosen topic Submission ​Draft of Proposal must be submitted to the Discussion Board on iCollege by ​noon Sunday, Nov. 8th. Feedback to at least two submissions by members of ​the class is due by noon Tuesday, Nov. 10th. ​Submission of final draft in iCollege is due Nov. 12th. A hard copy must also ​be turned in at the beginning of class.

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