Explanation of the argument Hume provides to prove to my professor we understand what we read

First half of the paper needs to explain and provide examples of humes two types of perceptions of the mind 1) thoughts/ideas 2) impressions then going on too the two types of impressions which are 1) sensations 2) feelings. I have definitions and examples from class which my professor provided if you would like examples to look at. Then the second half of the essay is an explanation of the file labeled Hume.pdf this is the more important part of the essay. Need an explanation of the argument Hume provides to prove to my professor we understand what we read. I have listed his version of the guidelines to this essay under 7b1case5d…etc. then I’ve also provided a sample essay for a previous topic we had to write about which is the file labeled Sample1.pdf there is also also all his “rules” as to how the paper should be written (RUBRIC) in a file labeled PWGuide.pdf. If any questions contact me. **NOT A RESEARCH PAPER**

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