Final Paper

I have attached the prompt as well as the readings mentioned in the prompt.
Along with the prompt, this essay must talk about a legal bias. That legal bias is racial bias in the legal system. The write of this paper needs to identify racial bias, and people\’s perceptions of this bias. Then, identify what kind of evidence would have to be present for you to admit that the bias is real and affects legal outcomes, and lastly research this topic and see if there is any evidence and see if there is a bias existing. Then, state if there was enough evidence to convince you, was not enough evidence, or there was not as much evidence evidence as you thought there would be. Also remember to answer the questions in the prompt and be sure to tie 12 angry men into the essay.
You can also use any material from my previous two papers in the class. I have attached them below as the counterpoint and midterm essay.
Also, my last paper I ordered was a page short. Please start the first page at the very top and end the last page at the bottom. You can include a title page to not take space from the first page.
I have also attached 12 Angry Men, Darrow handout, and Dershowitz handout mentioned in the prompt. The research on the legal bias was not provided but would need to just be googled and the writer can use whatever sources he or she would prefer, although they should be credible.
Thank You!!

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