financial economists

. 7 marks plus 1 mark for references. (Maximum word limit 700 words) In an effort to analyse the agency problem and the firm value maximisation, Hanlon, Rajgopal and Shevlin (2003) p.4. state “The incentive alignment perspective typically advocated by a number of financial economists states that options are granted to reduce the moral hazard problem that stems from senior managers owning very little of the firms they manage. A substantial body of theoretical work beginning with Jensen and Meckling (1976) suggests that option contracts can align managers’ incentives with that of shareholders. Consistent with this perspective, researchers (e.g., Demsetz and Lehn 1985; Himmelberg, Hubbard and Palia 1999; Core and Guay 1999; Rajgopal and Shevlin 2002) have predicated their analyses on the premise that granting options is consistent with firm value maximization.” Hanlon, M., Rajgopal, S. and Shevlin, S. (2003), ‘Are Executive Stock Options Associated with Future Earnings?’ Journal of Accounting and Economics, Vol 36(1), p.3 – 43.    • Content• Introduction• Structure• Expression• Presentation• Conclusion and• Reference List    (Maximum word limit 700) How important is good governance and ethics for a firm? Provide answers with examples and theoretical explanations  • Content• Introduction• Structure• Expression• Presentation• Conclusion and• Reference List

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