research essay
Paragraph 1
States the career.
Thoroughly describes the duties and
responsibilities of the job.
One full paragraph (6-8 sentences)
Remains objective. Does not include
opinion statements.
Paragraphs 2-3
Thoroughly explains at least three
sections from the research worksheet
such as degrees and certifications,
earnings, benefits, etc.
Two full paragraphs (6-8 sentences each)
Remains objective. Does not include
opinion statements. Paragraph 4
States an opinion of the career.
Includes at least two pros (positives) and
two cons (negatives) of the career.
One full paragraph (6-8 sentences)
One concluding sentence that concisely
summarizes the essay.
Does not use personal pronouns such as I
or me, or second person pronouns such
as you.
Contains only a few spelling, punctuation,
syntactical, or grammatical errors
Full Heading (Upper left hand corner)
o Includes Name and Date
Creative Title (Centered on page)
Double Spaced
Times New Roman
Size 12
At least 300 words (one full page)

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