How do the memories of your friends and family differ?

: Our memories are often not as accurate as we assume. Think back to an early memory of an event (such as a childhood vacation) that you shared with friends or family. Write down as many details of the memory as you can. Now ask friends or family members who were there about their memories of the event.. Write an essay describing your memory of the event. How do the memories of your friends and family differ? Explain the reasons for any differences between your memories using information-processing theory. Ideas – 0-20 points Response clearly describes the following: • a narrative of a remembered event • a description of differences in the memories of others who were present during the event Response thoroughly and accurately describes the reasons that these memories may be different using information-processing theory. Responses may vary but should include most of the following: • encoding, storage, retrieval, sensory memory, working memory, short-term memory, long-term memory, attention, forgetting Organization – 0-20 points • Organization is effective and demonstrates a logical flow of ideas within the response.

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