How much slower would you expect bubble sort of 10,000 elements to be than merge sort?


the program has already been built. i need different implementation of the sorting algorithm, adding some functions to the program and answers to questions related to the implementation and the sorting algorithms.


i will upload the program once the agreement is done.


Part 1        Describe your sort algorithm in pseudo code.

Part 2        Answer the following questions (See below)


1.      Which sorting method did you choose?

2.      The sorts we discussed were selection, insertion, bubble, merge, quick, and shell.  In about a paragraph, discuss why the ones that you didn’t choose would have been less appropriate?

  1. How much slower would you expect bubble sort of 10,000 elements to be than merge sort?
  2. What is the fastest algorithm for finding the kthlargest element of N numbers?
  3. What is the primary disadvantage of Quick Sort? How could this disadvantage be eliminated?
  4. What is an advantage of bubble sort over selection sort? What is an advantage of selection sort over bubble sort?
  5. Why is a hybrid algorithm combining insertion sort with quick sort often faster than solely using quick sort?
  6. Describe how radix sort of integers can be implemented to require only twice memory, rather than ten times memory.
  7. State one or two problems that you can think of that are associated with sorting a linked list as compared with arrays?
  8. Give one or two advantages that the linked list implementation has over arrays.

Part 3        Implement the program. Turn in the lab, including files containing the typed answers to the part 1 questions, the pseudo-code.


Hints and Instructions


1) Implement your employee list program using a linked list instead of an array //(or binary tree in my case becuase i didnt implent unordered array as it required in the first lab) .  We will also add a sort option. Your menu will look something like the following:


Employee Maintenance

1) Add Employee

2) Remove Employee

3) Display Employee

4) Display Employee List

5) Reset List

6) Create Initial List

7) Sort Employee List

8) Help

9) Quit

Please Select:


2) The sort option will put the employee list in order of ascending item numbers.  Pick the sort that you think is most efficient for this project, but do not copy to an array and sort the array. The lab requirement is to sort the linked list directly, without using arrays.

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