How would you describe the ethics of Mr. Earnshaw?

Wuthering Heights

While viewing the film for November 7, 2015–Conference #1—be able to respond to the following questions/responses.  Remember that this is a Film Assignment and, therefore, (1) must be submitted as a “hard copy” by (2) November 10, 2015.  NO SUBMISSION—NO POINTS!

1.  Who was the story’s “protagonist”?  It’s “antagonist”?

2.   How would you describe the ethics of Mr. Earnshaw?

3.  What was Hindley’s source of strength and purpose?

4.  How would you describe the actions of Cathy–for her desire for “worldly “goods”?

5.  In your own words, describe your evaluation of Heathcliff’s handling of his romance and marriage?

6.  Was it ethical for Cathy to treat Heathcliff in the manner presented?  If so, why?  If not, why not?

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