, The case study is to be written on this company.
• The business case must be submitted on paper with a length of 4-5 pages, single spaced, 11 font
• The business case must use a minimum of 4 sources, cited in the paper. Wikipedia and the company website do not count as your 4 sources
• The case should describe a specific management challenge or challenges that the company has encountered in entering or operating internationally. The cases that we have read this semester should serve as a good model.
• The case should be structured around a protagonist (e.g., CEO (s), founder, department head, line manager, etc.).
• The case should reveal topics and learnings that we have discussed this semester.
• At the end of the case, students should list appropriate discussion questions
• The paper will be graded on 4 criteria: information quality; focused depiction of challenges encountered by company; clarity of layout and presentation

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