identify and assess 3 competitors of CISCO HEALTH TECHNOLOGY in the recommended country (MEXICO)

 identify and assess 3 competitors of CISCO HEALTH TECHNOLOGY in the recommended country (MEXICO), including at least one global competitor and one local competitor. Each individual paper will conclude with an assessment of  the competitive advantages of the client company (comparing client strengths and weaknesses with competitors’ strengths and weaknesses). Note that not all Strengths of a company are competitive advantages, as competitors may have those same or similar strengths.  You are looking for those very few strengths or assets that will give your company a competitive edge.   You will then recommend a competitive strategy that will leverage  the client firm’s competitive advantages  and/or  mitigate its  competitive weaknesses.


Using the work the team has already done, each individual will begin this paper with introductory sections already completed by the team and to be used as standard framework for all stratgy project papers:  the rationale for selecting this country, description of the company, its product/service, the target buyer and market size in the selected country.  This is the Opportunity statement for your client’s product/service.  Individual work  will then constitute the body of the paper, which will consist of  your own (individual)  Threat assessment specific to the competitors you are analyzing in this country.

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