Identify colleagues who selected a different theory than you. Critically appraise your colleagues’ critique of the counselor’s actions.

Human beings often place blame on people and forces outside of themselves. “Ever since I was fired from my job, I have experienced high levels of anxiety.” “My parent’s divorce caused me to abuse drugs at an early age.” In both of these statements, the blame is given to an external force. Humanistic and existential counselors ask clients to look internally to explore the meaning in these situations. By employing interventions that focus on growth, acceptance, and self-awareness, counselors address the root cause of a client’s problems. In addition, focusing on the person and not the disease or addiction can empower clients to take responsibility for their choices and their lives.

In this Discussion, you use this week’s media to continue your exploration of humanistic and existential theories.  In addition, you select one presentation that depicts a theory that resonates with you the most. Watch your selected media in its entirety, carefully observing the interactions of both the client and the counselor.  Then, imagine you had not known the counselor’s theoretical approach before accessing the media. Without this knowledge, how might you use his or her actions or interventions to identify the theory that he or she is applying?

When developing your Discussion post, support your ideas by providing references to specific examples from the video. In addition, cite the video frame (e.g. 8.32 minutes) that the action or intervention occurred. You do not need to summarize the demonstration itself, as your instructor and many of your colleagues have also viewed it. Instead, provide insight into the interventions used and major constructs of the theory.

Post by Day 3 a brief description of the video you selected and the theoretical approach used. Explain how this theory resonates with you. Then, describe the counselor’s specific interventions that would indicate his/her theoretical approach and explain how effectively they demonstrated the approach. Finally, share one insight you gained from watching the counselor in the media.

Respond by Day 5 to at least two of your colleagues using one or more of the following approaches:

  • Identify colleagues who selected a different theory than you. Critically appraise your colleagues’ critique of the counselor’s actions.
  • Provide insight into how another humanistic/existential theory could have been used to address this client

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