Identify factors that are found across your jobs and vary across your jobs.


For this project you are to evaluate all jobs in the file name PROJECT1JOBQUALIFICATIONS. It’s all 10 factors that I decided to do in this project.


What you want to do is to identify factors( which I already give you, no need to find) that are found across your jobs and vary across your jobs. You can find it in example file I give you.

For example, formal education.  You want variation. If you select a factor with no variation, say they all require a driver’s license, this will not distinguish between jobs in terms of importance because they will all get the same number of points


First, your levels associated within each factor need to be mutually exclusive.   For example, when enumerating aspects, you can list none, 1 – 3, 4 – 6, etc.  They should not overlap.  An example of what not to do is none, 1 – 3, 3 – 6, etc.  Where would 3 go?


Second be very specific and very clear.  When evaluating jobs if the information is not in the job descriptions or some other source of information you have access to then do not make assumptions, etc.  We want to avoid this.  The reason we want to avoid this is that most people make assumptions in different ways, and they are not likely to be consistent.


Third, you have access to organizational charts in your project data.  If you want to incorporate job evaluation factors about the centrality of the job or the number of people supervised you can determine this through the organizational charts.  If there is no number listed with a position then the number of that position is 1.  If there are whole numbers, then it is that number.  If there is a number that is a decimal, like .5, then this is a part time position that is one-half.



You need to develop a job evaluation instrument and once the job are evaluated you have to put them in an order.

Next you want to see if your order makes sense.  It is at this point you need to look at your order and compare them to the organizational chart.  Jobs higher up in the hierarchy in the organizational chart should have more points than jobs below them.  Using QIS as an example, the QIS Manager should have more points than all others in that department.  The IS Manager should have more points than the IS Tech.  The IS MGR, Software application and training technician and quality specialist do not have to have all of the same points.  Furthermore, it is possible that the IS Tech could have more points than the software training tech and the quality specialist.  In other words, based on strict hierarchy your jobs that report to other jobs should have points that reflect that level.  QIS MGR more than the rest, IS Mgr more than the IS tech.

Using the organizational charts, check that these are occuring.  If they do not occur then you need to think about how you have evaluated them or tweaking your job evaluation instrument in order to get the jobs in an order that makes sense.




  • You are to present one complete set of evaluations of the job which is Controller, cook, directofinance, facilities, family

  • You must state and describe the factors used by the committee. Describe how the job evaluation committee reached agreement on the factors. Describe and present your final ordering. 

  • Each factor should be clearly defined, have multiple levels which are also 
clearly defined, and points assigned to each level. 

  • You can cluster factors around a related issue. For example, you could have a 
Knowledge-related factor that consists of Formal Education, Experience, and Certifications. This would count as three factors, and grouping can help you in your actual report. 


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