Identify indictment in the following scenario

For this part of your project, consider the scenario below and prepare a 2-3 page paper using the following terms to identify those elements in the following scenario: •Indictment •speedy trial •prosecutor •public defender •plea bargains •jury trials •the differences between state and federal courts. Alan, Betty and Charlie were long-time friends and grew tired of the “daily grind.” They each wanted to make a quick buck, but never managed to be successful. One evening over a lot of beers, Alan confided with Betty and Charlie that he was feeling “crazy” lately ever since he stopped “taking his medication.” Alan said he had a dream where the three of them went into the National Bank with fake guns and robbed the tellers for $1,000,000.00. What at first may have seemed like just a joke, both Betty and Charlie thought they should put the dream to reality. The plan was this: Alan and Charlie were going to enter the bank with fake guns, while Betty waited in the car outside to drive away and act as a “lookout.” Alan was going to hold-up the tellers while Charlie took the Manager to the vault. All three were going to use walkie-talkies to communicate so their cell-phones could not be traced to the location of the robbery. After five minutes, Alan and Charlie would run out with the money and Betty would drive to change vehicles so as not to be detected. Unfortunately, everything did not go as planned. During the Robbery, and despite the use fake guns, David, a customer standing in-line, pulled out a real firearm and shot Charlie in the back three times. While Charlie was lying on the ground, David stood over him and could see he was still breathing. David shot Charlie three times in the head, killing him instantly. Alan managed to get to the car and told Betty to “drive” and that “Charlie was shot.” Soon thereafter, they were stopped and arrested for armed robbery, attempted robbery, and Murder. The two were held no bond pending the tr

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