Internal and External Analysis & market analysis

PART 1:This assignment will require you to analyze the internal and external environment of your company and then use the information you\’ve gathered to set strategic goals for the business.For the assignment this week, write a paper that\’s  in length and completes the following:The strategic goals that you create here will set the stage for all of the course project assignments ahead. It\’s extremely important to choose long-term goals that fit with where you think the company should be headed and make use of the information you\’ve gathered.PART 2:This assignment will be the creation of a miniature market analysis for your course project company. It\’s important that your choices reflect the strategic goals set in your previous course project assignment. None of these assignments are created in a vacuum. All decisions should be related as this is really one large strategic management plan document. Look back in the course material and at your past assignment if you need to remind yourself. By the deadline this week, you\’ll need to write a market analysis for your company that\’s  in length and completes the following:

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