Interview a change agent in your community about their value system.

 Interview a change agent in your community about their value system. This could be someone you already know and admire, someone you would like to get to know, or someone who has agreed, as part of this class, to be interviewed. If you cannot find a person to interview, you can also choose a role model you admire and research him/her on the internet or through other sources. You can choose to do this individually or in small groups. Ask your heroes about their life journey, pivotal or transformative moments, who has inspired them along their way, how their values and beliefs have changed over the years, what motivates then, what their hopes and dreams are, for themselves, their community, and the planet as a whole, and what change-agent-skills they have developed along the way. – 1.5 – 2 page double-spaced paper for the written assignment

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