Introduction (3 points)
Rubric Final
Your introduction must include a thorough description of who you are interviewing, including all of the following elements: (1) what specific to what role they serve at the school, (2) what they do to support students with disabilities, (3) how long they have worked at the school, (4) a description of their work setting, and (5) a description of the students they typically support. Finally, your introduction must be well written with minimal editing errors (1 -2).

Transcription of Interview (17 points)
In your interview, you must ask the following seven questions. In addition, you must ask five additional questions of your choice based off information we have read this semester. For instance, you may ask: “Tell me how you identify students for special education at your school.” Be very careful not to ask Yes / No questions. Asking, “Do you use Response to Intervention at your school?” would produce a Yes / No answer. You will not receive credit for this type of question. Do not ask questions related to the individual. For example, asking “Why did you choose to be a special educator?” would not be an acceptable question as it does not specifically relate to the duties of the profession.

Each response is worth 1 point. To receive full credit, you must write out in your report the question and the full response from the individual you interview. It is strongly recommended you tape record your interview to ensure you capture the full response accurately. For the final five questions, you will receive 1 point for an appropriate question (it should be linked to something we read or watched this semester) and 1 point for the teacher’s response.

Questions you must ask include:
1.) Please tell me what you do at your school site to support students with disabilities (1 points).
2.) In what ways do you collaborate with other teachers / professionals at your school to support students with disabilities (1 points)? 3.) What do you think all general education teachers should know about the work special education teachers do (1 points)?
SPED 4270 13
4.) What do you wish general education teachers knew about the students you work with (1 points)?
5.) What qualities of a general education teacher make them good fits for students with special education needs (1 point)?
6.) What is the biggest complaint you hear from general education teachers about working with students with disabilities and how do you respond (1 point)?
7.) What can general education teachers do to help students with disabilities be successful in their classrooms (1 point)? Your Questions
8.) Your question (1 point); Teachers response (1 point)
9.) Your question (1 point); Teachers response (1 point)
10.) Your question (1 point); Teachers response (1 point)
11.) Your question (1 point); Teachers response (1 point)
12.) Your question (1 point); Teachers response (1 point)

Summary (10 points)
Once you have completed your interview, please write a brief summary of your interview. I also want you to reflect on the following. What did you learn through this experience? How will this influence your future practice? How did this change (or not change) your perspective of special educators and special education students? As with all parts of this assignment, write well and take time to edit your work. Your summary must be at least 400 words.

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