Is the corporation of interest supportive of local community needs?

Having a lot of extra money lying around, the client has come back to you for one more assignment and that is to learn more about a potential partner. Specifically they are interested in how socially responsible the behavior of Brookdale Senior Living Solutions. They would like to know what the company says about itself in this regard and what outside observers have to say. Is the firm under study financially stable? Is there any evidence to suggest that the organization does not respect its physical environment? Are the products and services of the organization manufactured, developed and delivered to consumers and clients using the highest available standards? Are there any reasons to accuse the firm of not treating its human stakeholders with dignity and compassion? Is the corporation of interest supportive of local community needs? Please reference online information sources appropriately using endnotes. Please end the analysis with a discussion regarding implications. In other words, after gathering the data, so what? What does it mean?

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