Journal Assignment

This week we focused on workplace motivation theory and application. This week\’s journal assignment reinforces and expands on the topic of workplace motivation by diving deeper into extrinsic versus intrinsic motivators and the idea of how to use motivation to influence behavioral change. Directions: Please go to the following url: HYPERLINK \”\” and watch the TED talk by Daniel Pink titled, \”The puzzle of motivation.\” I would also like you to go to HBR Ideacast site ( -OR- ) and listen to Ideacast #433: How to change someone\’s behavior with minimal effort. Once you have watched the TED talk and listened to the podcast reflect on what you heard and write a journal-type entry of about 500-750 words. Below are questions to consider as you prepare to write. However, your journal entry does not have to be limited to exploring and answering these questions: 1. What is the puzzle of motivation described by Daniel Pink? How was this puzzle of motivation discussed in Steve Martin\’s IdeaCast? 2. In the TED talk and the podcast the three core motivations were discussed. Compare and contrast the three different motivations that were identified. How might these motivators be used together to complement each other in a workplace motivational intervention? 3. There was a brief discussion about the ethical implications of influencing people\’s behavior through motivational interventions. What are your thoughts about the ethical implications of motivation? 

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