Journal Review

Journal Reviews
This assignment gives you a chance to view and analyze thermodynamic topics we covered in class in a broader, social, and environmental context. The goal is to provide you with an opportunity to see how basic thermos principles impact the world we live in.

For each of the 2 selected journal articles, you are responsible for the following.

1) Read the provided journal

2) Write a 2-3 page review of the topic (12 point font, 1.5 line spacing, standard margins)

3) The review MUST contain the following 3 sections:
1) Synopsis of the main points of the article. What was the main goal of the paper? What were the main results and conclusions presented?

2) Your personal critique of the paper/subject area. What did you learn from this paper? What helped and/or hindered your understanding of this paper?

3) Explanation of how thermos principles are involved in the paper and connect those principles back to topics we have discussed in class. Iā€™m looking for multiple, well explained connections!

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