Justify your selections in the proposed building of a new jail

A new jail has been approved to be built in your county because currently the jail inmates are housed in a neighboring county, which creates additional costs to your county. A majority of the funding is coming from a state grant to build the facility, but does not include funds to prepare the location or land. You have been called upon to help the Board of County Commissioners decide where it will be built. The seven-member Board cannot agree among themselves as to the most practical and feasible location among two parcels of land that are available and already owned by the county. In your role as a researcher, the Commissioners have hired you to help with recommending the kinds of research questions that need to be asked before the Commissioners make a final decision? List three or four research questions or topics that need to be addressed. There are many questions that could be asked, but select your top priorities. Be sure to justify why you selected these questions or topics, and then briefly explain how you would approach collecting the data. You are addressing the Board this evening, so be prepared with what you would say. Use terms that the board members will understand, as they are not researchers! The two choices of land locations are both 4 acres and described as follows. An open area near the local county courthouse that will allow easy access to and from the jail to the courthouse. There is already a tunnel in place under the courthouse that was built to transport prisoners using two separate doors that open to the outside and allow transport vehicles to back into the doorways. This method allows prisoners to be moved with little exposure to the media and others. With a new jail being considered, the transport doors will be modified to open directly into the new jail; therefore allowing easy transport of prisoners to and from the courtroom to the jail with no outside exposure. It provides a safety issue to the community. However, it is right in prime property area and near schools, churches, stores, and the local theatre. A track of rural undeveloped land that currently has no roads, no electricity, no water, and no sewer lines, but the property provides seclusion that may be desirable

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