King v. Burwell

The second paper is based on the same court case, King v. Burwell, from the Supreme Court’s last term which you covered in your first paper. Write a 3-4 page summary of any three briefs filed in King v. Burwell (approximately 3-4 pages total for the entire paper and 1,000 words maximum; thus, about 1 page per brief). The briefs can be a brief of a party or an amicus curiae. In your paper, compare and contrast the major arguments in the briefs with the arguments used by the majority in the Supreme Court case you briefed for the first paper (or if it’s an amicus that argues things that are not in the majority opinion, explain the additional arguments). The briefs can be viewed/downloaded at Also I have attached my first paper to kind of give you my tone and the changes my professor wanted so you can incorporate it into the second.

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