I choose LEADERSHIP as my topic for this paper. It is for my class Principles Of Technology Management. I have inserted exactly what the professor put as far as the requirements.

Purpose: To demonstrate an understanding of the course objectives.

Topics: Here are the topics for the final project. Choose one topic and post your selected topic in the Discussion Board \”Final Topic Selected\” so your classmates know what topics have been chosen. This is first come first served basis for choosing topics.


Each student\’s paper must be original work based on your individual readings and research.

Remember that your paper is automatically submitted to a plagiarism checker.

Paper length must be from 1500 to 2000 words not counting the list of references.
Your topic must have at least five cited references. The course textbook cannot be used as a reference on this assignment. A list of your references are to be placed at the end of the paper and must conform to APA Guidelines. Before you being keying in your paper using Microsoft Word, change the reference to APA. For additional help, view the following web page from GCF Learn Free: GCF Learn Free Word APA formatting
Create a header on the top right-hand corner of each page with your Name, CWID and the Assignment number with a font type and size to match the body of the paper.
Submit your completed research paper to the appropriate Dropbox.

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