Marketing 10

Test Your Knowledge 10-1. What is price, and why is it important to a firm? What is digital currency, such as Bitcoin? 10-2. Describe and give examples of some of the following types of pricing objectives: profit, market share, competitive effect, customer satisfaction, and image enhancement.10-3. Explain how the demand curves for normal products and for prestige products differ. What are demand shifts and why are they important to marketers? How do firms go about estimating demand? How can mar. keters estimate the elasticity of demand? 10-4. Explain variable costs, fixed costs, average variable costs, average fixed costs, and average total costs. 10-5. What is break even analysis? You Make the Call 10-34. What is the decision facing P&G? 10-35. What factors are important in understanding this decision situation? 10-36. What are the alternatives? 10-37. What decision (s) do you recommend? 10-38. What are some ways to implement your recommendation?  

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