Which is the preferable when devising an ethical theory, the evaluation of a person\’s character as virtuous or vicious, or the evaluation of a person’s actions as right or wrong? Consequentialism and deontology typically understand virtues to be simply a tendency to act rightly, and so they take the evaluation of actions to be basic. Virtue theorists, on the other hand, sometimes argue that the fundamental category is the evaluation of one\’s character, and that right action should be defined as an action a virtuous person would do. Explain and defend your own view on this question in relation to two authors you’ve read in your textbook.

I\’ve picked out two authors for you, they are Utilitarianism: Act or Rule by Stephen Darwall and What Makes Right Acts Right? by W.D. Ross

I have attached the pictures of the two readings by the two authors, so please use and cite quotes with page numbers to answer and compare the two. The name of the book is called Conduct and Character Readings in Moral Theory 6th Edition by Mark Timmons. Read the question carefully and answer using your view and then connecting it back to the two authors. Make sure you LABEL, which one is Character (Utilitarianism) and Actions (Pluralism).

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