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Part 1:  Please watch this video and create the username/password VBA script using MS Access 2013.  The tutorial will walk you through it in it\’s entiretyPart 2:  Please write a brief description (100 words in MS Word 2013) describing some of the uses you may see using VBA  click For ideas… :)1)  The database VBA MUST work perfectly.  You will get a \”0\” if it does not work, 25 if it does.2)  Your description of VBA and how you feel it can be used.  Spelling and grammar count.  1 point will be deducted for every misspell/grammar error.  Use the MS Word 2013 spelling and grammar checker.  This is worth 25 points for spelling, grammar, and good content.  If the content does not properly explain how VBA can be used, you will be docked points accordingly.  Ask your instructor with any questions.Please .zip your two files and upload them. 

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