Nemesis by Philip Roth

Final Paper Assignment
For Monday May 9th: Write a paper of at least 5-7 typed double-spaced pages on some aspect on Philip Roth’s writing. This paper must involve some reading/research on Roth that goes beyond the assigned readings. Here are four different options for your paper. Please choose one.
(I choose number four.)

4. Examine the medical realism in either Everyman or Nemesis.
In Nemesis, are the details about polio realistic?
The research for this paper would be medical research rather than literary research.

For all of these topics, I expect you to refer to sources beyond the stories or the novels themselves. Roth has talked and written extensively on his own work, and his writing and his interviews would be a valuable and easy-to-find source.

When you use information that you have read about Roth’s work, I do not want you to just spit it back; I want you to interact with what you have read. By the end of the course, I expect you to be smart enough about Roth that you can respond to what both he and others are saying about his writing.

You do not need to have a huge number of sources. As few as two sources might do the trick. I would much rather have you interact with two vital sources intelligently than have you jam six random sources into your paper.

Finally, if you use biographical information, use it sparingly. There is no reason to include a full biographical sketch of Roth in your paper. If you use information about his life, please just use the information that applies specifically to the main idea of your paper.

When citing your sources, you may use the APA or the MLA style of documentation.*Professor's note: I want you to focus on comparing researched facts about polio to what happens in the story. How does polio spread should certainly be where you start and what you could write about for much of the paper. When you learn about how polio does actually spread, compare that to both what happens in the story and to the beliefs that the characters had about how it was spreading.
symptoms and treatments would be other issues to research and compare to the symptoms and treatments that the characters went through.

*I have online book source too if you need.

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