Novel Analysis

Select a Passage from the novel. Write a 1 page single space analyis of the Novel, NOT A GENUINE BLACK MAN by Brian Copeland Do not reply to this unless you will provide Turnitin certificate of originality.  Steps of Paper:Page 1: Select and copy a passage: The passage you pick should be complex and a good representation of your argument/analysis.Your passage can be any length, but your essay must analyze the entire passage, so select wisely. 2) Page 2: In a you must present an organized and structured .The purpose of the essay is to discuss the themes, issues, and symbolism that you view as significant within the text, as represented by this passage. In other words, your essay is a of a particular passage, and your essay will analyze this passage.Your essay as well as the initial passage (you can see an example of this in the sample essay.Your paper must be ; therefore, you are permitted to manipulate the font style as well as the spacing and margins in order to maintain the one page length requirement. 

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