On Religion

Focus on chapters one and five in John Caputo’s book On Religion –“The Love of God” and “On Religion –Without Religion”.You might also include other chapters to round out your responses. I suggest doing a close read, possibly a re-read, before writing your paper.In a well-writtenresponses, and in mostly your own words (you may use quotes here and there, but do not let them speak for you), answer the following questions:1.Caputo introduces a quote (a question, a wonderment, a guiding light?) from St. Augustine: “What do I love when I love my God?”How does Caputo interpret Augustine’s query, and how do you thinkit relatesto the major theme(s) of the book? (You will need to discuss what you thinkthis/these theme(s)is/are.)2.What does Caputo mean by the distinction True Religion / Religious Truth, and what does he mean by saying that religious truth is a truth without knowledge?3.What is “religion without religion” and how might you incorporate the ideas above to describe what he means by this?4.Caputo describes his project in varying ways as one that is open and inclusive to differences in belief (or non-belief). In ruminatingon what you have read, reflect on whether or not he achieves this, or simply if he is convincing. Given that this is a comparative religions course with a nod to contrasts, do you think that Caputo has good ideas for how we live in, live through, and live with religion?I’d imaging that this should take you at least three pages worth of reflecting andarguing. Remember to explain things well. To remind you, a thorough response is like good driving directions: while vague directionsmay be true–“Go south!”–(let’s not forget Caputo’s critique of this oft-used and abused concept) theycan be useless. Rather, good directions must have a decent level of detail –road names, distances, landmarks, and so on –to be useful. So, in your answers please be descriptive, thorough, use examples and maybe quotes, and perhaps some analogies. Show me that you understand!Inform others who may not know.As always, have fun with this! Thinkingcarefullyabout big ideas ought to be joyfulas opposed to something from which we flee

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