Opportunities in Trends

 This discussion helps you develop the skills to master the following course competency:In this discussion, you will gain experience in analyzing the shaping and driving forces that impact the development of new leadership agendas.In , a special report from Boston Consulting Group and , the threat driving new understandings about the global future, leadership, and competition was defined as \”the need to compete with everyone, from everywhere, for everything\” (2008, p.18). Using the case study , define how the shaping and driving forces that PepsiCo experienced in India impacted its leadership agenda. In particular, address whether the impact of the forces merely created leadership recognition that situations needed to be fixed or contained in order for the firm to penetrate further into the Indian consumer market, or whether the impact of the forces created a reorientation of the leadership agenda as the PepsiCo mindset changed because of learning about and exploring a complex set of concerns for the future.Respond to two of your peers. In replies to your colleagues, analyze the risks PepsiCo leadership assumed for whichever path your colleagues suggested it could take, given the impact of shaping and driving forces. What factors do you see in your colleagues\’ posts that define specifically the risks that could impact the sustainability of the firm? Given those risks to sustainability, do you agree or disagree with your colleagues?Boston Consulting Group, & Knowlege@Wharton. (2008). . Retrieved from

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