Personal Branding

There is a great deal of strategy and research that goes into the marketing process, but at the end of the day, marketers ultimately strive to build a brand that creates sustainable customer relationships that bring value to both the customer and the business. You should be starting to think of yourself as a brand in order to create a competitive advantage in the modern workplace.

Today, there is a lot of talk about personal branding and every career minded professional understands it’s importance. Everybody has his or her own personal brand but effective brands are based in reality.

Strong personal brands know their values, passions, goals and ultimate mission. You must know yourself and to know yourself you need to learn what others think about you. Since your brand is held in the minds of the people who know you, you must be constantly aware of external perceptions. Think about what you stand for and what your values are.

With a clearly defined brand statement, you can begin to get the message out, both online and offline. Start to share your story so you can build emotional connections with your target audience. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Circles, Twitter and Instagram are some of the most accessed websites on the Internet. By not being present on these platforms, or by having an average social media presence you are missing valuable opportunities.

The brain processes images around 60,000 times faster than text, which means people tend to gravitate towards images when scanning through a busy feed. You have a millisecond to make an impact and display the best you that you can! Having professional personal branding images across all social media platforms is vitally important. Pinterest is great for product images (pictures of you) while Facebook is better for aspirational images to encourage your brand’s awareness.

There are three files attached. One is a worksheet to help you organize your thoughts about your personal brand. The other two are articles regarding the necessity for personal branding in the current work environment. Using ideas from the worksheet, and looking at the steps to building a personal brand in the other two article do the following:

1. Write a personal brand statement – like a mission statement -that embodies who you are. Make it something you would be proud to share with anyone?

2. Describe how you will display this statement on one of the social media sites bolded above?

3. What are some of the connections (associations) you may have with other brands (people)?

4. What value can you bring in terms of content when you post on the social media sites bolded above?

Your assignment should be well structured using proper English language conventions (using spell check), written in MLA format, and be no more than two pages long. It should be submitted as a .doc or .docx attachment.

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