Phase 1 IP Utilizing Quantitative Statistics in Health Care

Differentiate between the use of descriptive and inferential statistics as used in healthcare managementYou are the manager in charge of leading the new data-driven quality improvement initiative in preparation for a Joint Commission (TJC) accreditation visit for AKT Hospital. In preparation for this visit, you will create a newsletter for your staff discussing the purpose of health care statistics. The newsletter will be a creative approach to presenting staff with the new data-driven quality improvement initiative in preparation for the TJC accreditation visit.The newsletter should include the following:A discussion on TJC and why organizations seek accreditation in general.An example of the types of data that will be considered as part of a data-driven quality improvement initiative for health care entities (specifically hospitals).The role that descriptive and inferential statistics play in the data analysis process for improving quality of care. Use real-world examples.Use a to complete this assignment.Ensure that article summaries and discussions for each section are a minimum of 250 words…3-4 pages with at least 3 scholarly references with in body citations. Due 4/16/16 by 11:00 am EST

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