Plating And Presentation

It should answer any formatting questions that you may have as it is very informative. Although it is an eight page paper, yours will not be this length. I am looking for proper APA format and content. Be sure you cite your sources properly. In other words, you must have in-text citations and a reference page. This is a research paper (not your typical essay).


The length of the paper needs to be 3-6 pages long. This DOES NOT include your title page, abstract or your reference page (however, they do need to have page numbers).

You are to choose your topic. Be sure to use the library\’s database or Google Scholar to obtain your sources. If you do not know how to use it to find articles, please see me for a brief walk through. If you do not have credible sources, this will cause a great deduction in points. This is why I suggest you use the database. Academic Search is probably the best place to start.



Paper must include: Cover page, Abstract(150-250Words), Introduction(1/2page), Literature Review(1.5pages), Discussion(1/2page), Conclusion(1/2page), References(5Provided).

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