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Locate a different video lesson that involves teaching ratio or proportional reasoning.As a seperate document, discuss whether the lesson observed:Has a clearly identifiable objective.Is aligned to the CCRs.Supports the “big ideas” stated in the text;Differentiates and addresses the diverse needs of students.Includes an informal and/or formal assessment. If so, does the assessment align to, and measure, the objective?Requires any appropriate revisions.Along with the video that you have chosen, use the Class Profile to create a lesson plan using the COE lesson plan template that incorporates the revisions. Submit a copy of the lesson plan, the link to the video, and rationale of 500-750-words that summarizes the group\’s evaluations of the lessons and supports the revisions. APA format, times new romans, 12pt., double space, in-text citations, reference(s) and turn it in percentage less than 20%.

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