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Please use quotes and stuff from this actual book im downloading pics of the pages
All assigned reading from Douglass through Brown (please check syllabus)
Essay (5 pages). For your essay, select one of the topics below, and develop a thesis concerning five different assigned authors and assigned texts (perhaps more than one) by each author. (For poets, you will probably have to write about more than one text to satisfy length requirements.)
Length: Five pages, following MLA formatting guidelines (1-inch margins, double-spaced).
Organize each essay carefully, provide a clear thesis statement, and relate your arguments about each author to your main thesis. Provide examples from the text to support your arguments, and analyze those examples—this includes quoting or referring to sections, discussing specific characters, plot details, imagery, symbolism, and relevant poetic structure and devices. (Authors for this exam range from Frederick Douglass to Sterling Brown). Be sure to compare and contrast the authors, in your thesis statement and in the body of your essays.

Topic #1. Representation of ordinary people. One important question that African American writers face is how to represent an ordinary person—not a member of an elite, but a typical worker or person you might meet every day. What literary challenges might these writers face in presenting a representative member of the black community, and how do they rise up to the challenge? What solutions do they come up with? What kinds of voices do characters use? How do writers try to establish narrative authority over their subject, and how do come writers try to gain readers’ respect, sympathy, or trust?

2. American principles and potential. In most of the literature we’ve read, the authors link African Americans’ pursuit of freedom, justice, and opportunity to broader American aspirations, such as citizenship, education, the ability to marry, and so on. Others assert that African Americans’ ideals are indeed American, but will often differ from those of the larger society. Choose five authors, and discuss how they discuss American ideals in their texts.

3. Voice or Silence. In many of the texts we have read, African-American people or characters often do not or cannot speak for themselves, and either develop a voice, or need a speaker or narrator to speak on their behalf. Examples include Harper’s “Eliza Harris,” Dunbar’s “When Malindy Sings,” and the final part of Chesnutt’s “The Wife of His Youth,” and even portions of the slave narratives by Douglass and Jacobs when they speak of many who are silent or often invisible. Even Delia comes to speak for herself in Hurston’s “Sweat.”

What African-American characters (or people) tend to be silent in these works, and what causes their silence? How would you describe the narrator, in terms of education, class, knowledge of people, and so on? What is the source of the authority to speak on behalf of others? Is first-person or third-person narration used? Finally, how does the narrator describe the person or persons he or she is speaking about? To what end?
You can choose which topic please just let me kno wwhich one you are using
The book that was used was
1. The Norton Anthology of African American Literature, 3nd ed., Volumes 1 and 2
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