Produce a “shopping app” for a major fast food franchise.

You are a developer who has been contracted to produce a “shopping app” for a major fast food franchise. The client specs are detailed below (they are very knowledgeable developers themselves but have no time to complete the app). The client stipulates that they want at least 6 different items in a master menu view, including:
“Homepage” containing a nice graphic, either as a picture or 3D rendering;
“Menu” of products with pictures for each product, together with pricing information and stock numbers, and a button to add items to a shopping cart
“Search” function whereby users can easily locate an item in the menu
“Cart”, which stores all information about the user’s purchases and provides a running total in dollars.
“Finder”, which allows the user to find the closest franchise store relative to their current location
“Checkout”, which allows the user to enter credit card details to make a purchase
Required elements:
Master-view controller with at least 6 different detail views configured in storyboard and containing different outlets (graphics, buttons, text fields, etc.) (30%)
Model-view-controller design pattern with custom classes specifying all the detail view properties and methods, plus a local database containing specifying all the items on the product menu and their metadata (image, pricing, availability) (40%)
Network database accessibility using the SwiftyJSON framework for checkout (15%) and network-based location mapping for the store finder (15%)
The intent is to produce an application which would closely mirror a commercial product.
You will be provided with access to a JSON data stream and the specifications for the server by the end of week 9. (The original server is playing up, so we’re moving it to something more reliable). Checkout will not need to be secure – you will need to collect the credit card data but not transmit it. You will be able to submit a request for checkout to the server without including credit card information, and it will respond confirming that checkout has been completed.
The server will provide a list of outlets with GPS coordinates and confirmation of a successful checkout.
Details of the server will be posted here. Working with JSON data will be covered in week 11, but building the user interface can be started at any time.

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