Propose a plan to Sedgwick\’s leadership for adoption, to move toward or to sustain greatness

I. Introduction

A. Provide strong thesis statement
B. Tell reader where you are going and how you will get there

II. Identify problem or impediment to sustaining greatness

A. Context of organization–is it a learningful organization?
i. strengths
ii. weaknesses
iii. describe how this organization is similar/different with other organizations in the same field at the same time period (cite sources)

B. Leadership
i. leadership style
ii. followership
ii. stakeholders

III. Describe your solution to address impediment/challenge

A. Identify specifics within the organization’s culture that make the solution viable for this organization, as per Collins’ research findings

B. Justify your reasoning for your solution based on readings in class And support your reasoning with examples from research, texts, etc. (NOTE: most students fail to do this.)

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