provide a Description of the Malaysian economy and major influences in the commercial world.

Conduct a country study on Malaysia that includes general reviews of the country, culture, economy, government and religion with emphasis on how these areas impact the management of the human resource in that country. The project will contain approximately 35 pages plus bibliography. The project should include appropriate graphs, charts and pictures noting that the length of the paper may need to be extended if there is excessive use of graphic representations.


The country study should have 6 major sections

Brief history of the country (Malaysia).

  1. Google earth review of major cities and landmarks.
  2. Description of the economy and major influences in the commercial world.
  3. Description of the culture using Hofstede’s paradigm.
  4. Discussion of the implications of the culture, government and economy on Human Resource Management, (ie: Solicitation, Interview, Selection, Onboarding, Motivation, Training, Compensation and benefits, Termination, Work Week, Holidays etc.)
  5. A summary and conclusion of the report.

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