provide a summary of Sober’s description of the ​relationship​between truth and belief.

Focus on Sober’s Chapters 1 and 2. (Look especially closely at pages 3 & 16-17 in your textbook.) Sober explains that, as a general rule, ​believing​ something, no matter how strongly you believe it is not enough to make that belief true. (In fact, he argues that the phrase “it’s true f​or m​e” makes no sense.)
You will analyze this topic. Explain the meanings of the terms truth​and b​elief​as Sober defines these terms. Then, provide a summary of Sober’s description of the ​relationship​between truth and belief. To explain the relationship fully, include an explanation of the difference between ​subjectivity​and objectivity.​
Once you have set out the definitions of truth and belief, explain what w​ishful thinking​is. Give at least one original example of wishful thinking to show your understanding of this concept. Then explain what a s​elf-fulfilling prophecy​is. Again, give at least one original example to show that you understand this concept well.
Last, offer your own thinking. Give a reasoned analysis of how you think the ideas of wishful thinking and self-fulfilling prophecies to the case of religious belief of ​faith. ​

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