Provide explanation for the listed items relative to the applicable city of analysis.

Identification of the historical and evolutionary development of the city
I. Please provide explanation for the listed items relative to the applicable city of analysis. Each item should be appropriately addressed and discussed to provided the audience adequate and informative data to gain an enhanced understanding of the applicable city. Report Format: Figures and tables must be numbered and indicated in (APA) List of Tables, List of Figures, pagination, Table of Contents, Cover Sheet. Each structure description should be grounded in characteristics discussed in the textbook, other applicable sources and through lecture presentations.
II. Map and location of city relative to its region, continent and broader world geographic position must be included with all submittals.
Historical Perspective based on the following criteria:
1. Natural Environment Description: Topographical (mountainous, arid, vegetative, waterways and bodies (rivers, lakes, oceans), natural resources
2. Purpose (original and current) of city: ie. agricultural, military, trade, port, administrative
3. City street patterns and layout: Radial, grid streets, public places (plazas), open spaces (parks), land use organized by functionality
4. Materials of construction: Wood, masonry, concrete, metallic, composites, others
5. Residential: Description of layout ie. Single level, multiple levels, spaces (bedrooms, kitchen, others),
6. Market-place: Exchange place locale and physical condition description -goods, products, services.
7. Religious description and characteristics: Practices, patterns of worship and sacrifice, philosophical-cosmological foundation of religion
8. Temple and worship facility description: Layout- (altar, cella, naos, pronaos) elements for worship activities, symbolisms ( paintings, statues),
9. Production Facilities and products manufactured: General description of buildings utilized (space layout, mechanization of facility, raw materials, energy sources and applicable natural materials.
10. Commercial Facilities: General description of buildings utilized (space layout
11. How are the individual components integrated in a single functional whole, viable, provisional, progressive, and stable with continuity?
Cities Historical Architectural Analysis: Architectural History

1. Istanbul, Turkey
2. Washington , D.C.
3. Moscow, Russia
4. Paris, France
5. Rome, Italy
6. Madrid, Spain
7. New Delhi, India
8. Cairo, Egypt
9. Sana’a, Yemen
10. Stockholm, Sweden
11. Charleston, South Carolina
12. San Antonio, Texas
13. Havana ,Cuba
14. London, England l
15. Alger, Algeria:
16. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

17. Lahore, Pakistan
18. Shanghai , China
19. Johannesburg, South Africa
20. Sidney, Australia
21. Hong Kong, Japan
22. New Orleans, Louisiana
23. Quebec, Canada
24. Jerusalem, Israel
25. Berlin, Germany

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