Assignment 2: LASA: Business PlanAs discussed in the  section, you will prepare a business plan on a specific project or an initiative to be implemented in the business areas covered by your respective MS program of study.In , you submitted individual assignments that will be part of the final document. The final document needs to be submitted as the course LASA. In this module, you will consolidate all the information collected throughout the course, organize the information, and prepare your business plan.Tasks:Prepare a business plan in a Microsoft Word document with an accompanying Microsoft PowerPoint presentation containing the key points of your plan to serve as a presentation to a group of potential investors. The business plan should focus on a specific project or initiative to be implemented in the business areas covered by your respective MS program of study.The Microsoft Word document (official plan) should have a minimum of 12 pages, and the presentation should be of 12–15 slides.The business plan for this initiative should include the following:Note that you can use any business plan template as an aid for preparing the final document. At a minimum, the plan/presentation must include:Make sure to expand as necessary to ensure your audience can have a full understanding of your proposed plan.

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