Reading journal for Samuel Beckett “Waiting for Godot” Act 1

Each reading journal will be comprised of at least 3 paragraphs. Each journal will require the same 3 parts. You can choose any piece(s) that we have read for a given module to write about. This journal is due at by the end of each unit and will be graded based on the provided 3 paragraphs and the depth of the discussion presented. This does not have to be formal, but should be in complete sentences and have been proofread and revised as needed.

1) The first paragraph should be a SUMMARY of the text, its key elements and details. For a summary to be complete, it must include the key elements of the piece, ay general argument/theme of the text, and be neutral in judgment. After finishing your journal, a reader unfamiliar with the text should feel they have the basic grasp of the reading. Ensure that you include the following information to start the summary: name of the text and the author(s).

2) Your ANALYSIS paragraph should include your discussion of how the elements of the piece work together. You will want to refer to the informational sheet provided in Module one about analysis to ensure that you are including the needed parts. You can include quotes in this section, but you do not have to.

3) Your CONNECTIONS paragraph should then tie your analysis with the supplemental information provided during the module. This could include historical, biographical, contextual information as well as comparisons to other periods and/or genres that we have discussed as well.
http://samuel- Godot_Part1.htm

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