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In the first part of this course, we have looked at theoretical arguments in favor of policies of multiculturalism, as well as some of the main criticisms of such policies. Write a paper of 5-7 pages that addresses the following questions: 1) When did the idea of “multiculturalism” as a policy or policies emerge? Why did it appear at this particular time? 2) What are the main arguments for why we need such policies? Why, in other words, would we see it as important to provide support for minority cultures in trying to maintain their distinct cultures? 3) Why are such policies controversial? What are the arguments against using the law to provide such support? In particular, why does the idea of multiculturalism seem to many to conflict with the ideals of liberalism? 4) Describe Will Kymlicka’s approach to addressing the objections you explained in #3. How does he seek to reconcile multiculturalism and liberalism? Make sure to include in your answer his a) different kinds of groups; b) different kinds of rights; and 3) different functions of rights. 5) Finally, do you find Kymlicka’s approach persuasive? Does is sufficiently address the objections to multicultural policies? Why or why not? You should write a single, unified paper that answers all of these questions. Reference all of the authors we have read so far: Rattansi, Taylor, Kymlicka, and Crowder. Use a normal, 12-point font and 1-inch margins. Include in-text citations each time you use the words or ideas of another author. You do not need a separate bibliography unless you make use of a source that was not assigned to you to read.

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